Name: Best Wishes and Thanksgivings to Our Motherland – Report Exhibition of Students’ Works Subsidized by GAFA
  Period: Dec. 10th, 2009 to Dec. 25th, 2009
  Venue: The University City Museun of GAFA
  Hall: NO. 9,10
  Organizers: Students’ Affair Department of GAFA
the University City of GAFA
Modeling College of GAFA
College of Design of GAFA, Art and Humanity of GAFA
Art Education Department of GAFA

Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts


   Today is the 60th anniversary of China’s birthday, so we plan a exhibition, whose theme is “Best Wishes and Thanksgivings to Our Motherland”. The works of this exhibition cover multi systems. The students express their gratitude in their works.


                                                                               Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
                                                                                               Dec., 2009