Exhibition of Open Class Series-Works Exhibition of Public Art Modeling Base Experiment Course

  Period: May 11th to 16th, 2010
  Venue: University City Art Museum of GAFA
  Hall: NO. 10
  Organizers: 2006 Sculpture Public Art
  Sponsor: Department of Sculpture of GAFA
University City Art Museum of GAFA

     Public Arts Major in Sculpture Department is a newly established and special direction in our department. The exhibition works are created by the students who have public art design courses in base experiments.
    “Sculpture Integrated Structure” and “Space Design Basic” are the courses of Public Art Major. Its aim is to train students’ ability and thought of relation between art and space.
     The students in Sculpture Major can search his own way to express his art concept.
     We express our gratitude to the leaders in our university, the teachers in our department and the University City Art Museum of GAFA.
                                                                                 Sculpture Department of GAFA
                                                                                                May 5th, 2010