Name: Exhibition of Works Created by Subsidized Students
  Period: Nov. 8th-11th, 2008
  Venue: The University City Art Museum of GAFA
  Hall: No.5-10
  Sponsor: Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
  Co-organizer: GAFA University City art museum

    The  2nd  Exhibition of Works Created by Subsidized Students in GAFA opened in GAFA University City art museum.
    During  the  past  two  years,  with the help of government, the academy, charities and warmhearted persons, students born and  bred  in  poor  families were able to continue their studies and finish the school. The works  exhibited  this  time,  though in various styles and subjects, had the same subject: love.
    It is a special platform provided to students, which allows them to express gratitude, show talents and repay society. They wanted to show their gratitude with the most beautiful works.
    Special thanks go to the  government, to charities and warmhearted persons, for your unselfish help, to Hong Kong Taoism Fund,  Traditional  Chinese  painter Yang Zhiguang, Fang Chuxiong, Lin Shuran, Chen Yongqiang, oil  painter  Professor  OU  Yang,  Sculpturer  Cao  Congen, Taiwan charity entrepreneur Cai Xindian, Country Garden (Bi Guiyuan)  board  director  Yang  Guoqiang. The  mentioned organizations and individuals set up study grants, providing students opportunities to continue their study and repay the society.